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Simple and intuitive to  use Effectiv HeartBEAT® Training Agency Manager can manage all training, such as AHA, NAEMSE, NREMT, Emergency Nurses Association, FEMA, NSC, Red Cross, ASHI, Medic First Aid, OSHA, the Department of Homeland Security, RedMan, and all others.

You can even create tailored curricula for your own organization to manage certifications that are the result of more than a single class.

With the optional Instructor version you can exchange electronic rosters with your instructors to avoid duplicate data entry.

Effectiv HeartBEAT® Training Agency Manager is used by major metropolitan fire departments, universities, medical schools, regional hospitals, and training companies across the US and Canada. Effectiv HeartBEAT® Training Agency Manager is a comprehensive solution for the business of training and includes:

  • Course management
  • Class scheduling
  • Curriculum management
  • Instructor tracking
  • Student management
  • Course card printing
  • Class registration
  • Credit tracking
  • Automated certification expiration notification
  • Tracking of key performance indicators
  • Inventory management
  • Loaner inventory management
  • Import utility
  • Grant tracking
  • Client management
  • Orders & Invoicing
  • Comprehensive reporting

Our software was developed by professional software developers at a company whose only business is software and relies on the latest Microsoft technologies and products.

Microsoft had Effectiv HeartBEAT® Training Agency Manager tested in order to be certified for Microsoft Windows.  Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies. Effectiv HeartBEAT® Training Agency Manager is certified for Microsoft Windows.

In our quest to design a comprehensive solution we not only relied on our own extensive experience developing business software but we worked closely with several AHA Training Centers, Canadian training agencies, and instructors to insure the final product had the features you need to manage your training operations.

And we don't stop there.  We ask our customer to tell us what you need in the product.  Your needs are dynamic and they will change over time.  It's our job to insure that Effectiv HeartBEAT® Training Agency Manager changes to meet those new requirements.

There are 3 editions available: Elements, Standard, and Enterprise.


Standard edition:                 $1,999
Enterprise edition:               $1,999
Additional Windows clients:    $399 (for Standard and Enterprise only)
Elements edition:                   $899

After the first year an annual fee is also required to cover support and ALL NEW RELEASES AND FEATURES.  You'll never have to buy the product again.  You'll always have the latest version.

Annual Fee

Standard edition:                 $240
Enterprise edition:               $350
Additional Windows clients:   free (up to 5)
Elements edition:                  $80

 Effectiv HeartBEAT® Training Agency Manager will quickly save you many times the purchase price by significantly reducing your variable and overhead costs allowing you to increase your training without the need for additional resources.

Click Compare editions here to compare the features of the different editions.


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