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Advanced Information Consulting 


Today’s information technology (IT) environment is complex and confusing.  How do you stop or reverse escalating costs while providing your end-users with robust, secure IT services?  Do you outsource?  Is “offshoring” safe?  Which segments of your IT service offerings can be safely commoditized?  How do you select an integrated architecture that will satisfy your current needs and is adaptable enough for your future requirements?  How do you choose technologies and vendors who will be around five years from now?  Is open source the way to go or do proprietary systems offer you the best solutions now and in the future?  Is there any way to avoid conversions or having to recreate the wheel every time the technology changes significantly?

The wrong choice now will result in continued cost escalation and technological blind alleys.

We at Effectiv understand this which is why we don’t offer traditional IT consulting services.  The results are what matter—not the technology.  Utility will always be the measure of any technology’s acceptance not abstract, academic arguments.

Don't Go It Alone 

You don’t have to. Let Effectiv partner with you to help you navigate the treacherous IT terrain. Let us provide the IT savvy while you concentrate on growing your business. For organizations that are expanding into a more complex IT environment we offer a Virtual CIO service giving you the benefits of a knowledgeable CIO without the permanent cost. Our consulting service offerings include:

1. Business case development.

2. Systems Analysis.

3. Technological validation.

4. Custom solutions development, when necessary.

5. Documentation.

6. Training.

7. Technical education and resource planning.



“Effectiv Business Solutions, Inc. has made a significant contribution to the Information Technologies organization at Omnipoint Communications, LLC. From the first day they began working with us it was obvious that they were different from most consulting and placement companies. Eschewing quick profit in favor of developing an active partnership with Omnipoint, Effectiv always delivered solutions that met our needs while minimizing our costs.”            

- William Vinck, CIO Omnipoint Communications, LLC.





Whether you are a growing enterprise who needs to maximize that growth, an IT organization needing to control costs and improve deliverables, or a critical business department, such as Sales or Marketing, who needs to optimize your activities and resources to achieve the greatest impact, or simply to better understand your own IT department and your technology options, Effectiv can help you.

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